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Alien Donut Militia

producers of such wonderful software as

Militia Password Revealer                        Or "Spamicidal Maniac" the Spam Killer !

Click either of the links above to download the free software.

Make a shortcut to militia.exe by right clicking it, creating a shortcut and then you can start it from your desktop

This program can be used for revealing passwords that are stored in text boxes that conceal the text behind asterisks, such as the ones in Dial-up Networking or Outlook Express. To reveal the password, simply start the program and move the mouse pointer over the text box containing the password you want to reveal.


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To call overseas, just dial  0844 431 2435  followed by the full destination number - and you're connected!

No accounts to open - No extra bills - No hidden charges - No credit card required

No sign up required just dial 0844 431 2435 followed by the number you require. For other countries and cheap calls to foreign mobiles use the tool below. You can phone a foreign mobile for less than a call to a rival UK network in many cases